The importance of Machine Cleaning

Keeping your embroidery machine clean is key to smooth and fuss free days. If you use your machine a lot, setting aside a bit of time on a weekly basis to clean it might be a good idea. My cleaning and oiling day is every Friday. (I oil my Barudan commercial machine myself) The home machines are oiled by the dealer when I bring them in twice a year.

If you only use them part time, once a month cleaning at home may be enough.

I use my machines a good bit and my home embroidery machines are used to test embroidery designs. So they stitch on a lot of felt (for my ITH wreath designs), cork, marine vinyl and lots of other interesting fabrics. LOL

One thing I do NOT do is use anything "sticky". No adhesive spray and no sticky stabilizer. That way it is much easier to keep them clean. I can vacuum and blow the dust and lint out without having it stick to anything. As the needle goes through anything sticky, it can push that stickiness a tiny bit at a time right into the bobbin area of your machine. Over time this can cause issues. So I stay away from it completely. I like stress free days....haha

Let me share the tools I use to keep my embroidery machines squeaky clean!

I love my micro vacuum attachments. These tools can connect to most regular vacuum hoses. (Check the description to see if the ones you are looking at fits your vacuum) I bought mine on Amazon. These tiny vacuum tools can get in almost every nook and cranny and keep your machine dust and lint free.

Here is the link on Amazon if you want to check it out:

Next I have this set of tube brushes. For the areas that I can't get to with a vacuum, sometimes I use one of these little brushes. They are especially helpful pulling lint from inside the "arms" of my commercial machine. Here is the link on Amazon:

And last but not least is my newest tool, a DataVac. This is a blower like canned air but much more powerful. Make sure you don't have any papers laying close by or they will be airborne in seconds! LOL

I use this in place of canned air for areas that I cannot get with the vacuum or brushes in my commercial machine. Here is the link to this tool:

Keeping your machines clean is very important if you want to be able to embroider with less thread breaks, needle breaks, bird nests, etc.

Lint buildup, tiny pieces of thread, etc. can cause lots of issues and you won't even realize they are there until you have problems. So make a cleaning schedule and don't wait until you bring it to the dealer for cleaning once or twice a year. Do what you can at home and stay ahead of problems.

Check your machine manual for cleaning instructions or ask your dealer to give you tips on areas that you can clean yourself.

Your machine will stitch much better and you will enjoy your hobby, craft or small business even more!

Here are my machine needles after a quick Friday afternoon cleaning :)

Happy Stitching!



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