Using our ITH Wreath Decor designs as Ornaments

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to show you how easy it is to turn some of our ITH Wreath Decor designs into hanging ornaments. For this example we are using the ITH Wreath Decor Snowflake for 5x7 hoops. You can find it here:

First, stitch out the design following the included instructions. Stop when the instructions say to remove the hoop from the machine and turn it to the backside.

Second, remove the hoop from the machine and turn it to the backside. Place a piece of ribbon or small cording on the back of the design with the ends approx one inch from the top of the design. Tape the ends down and tape the looped part down near the edge of the hoop to keep everything in place.

Third, cover the back with the 2nd piece of felt just like the instructions say to do. Tape the felt down at the top and bottom.

Return the hoop to the machine and stitch the final color thread which should be an "outline" stitch and use thread that matches the felt, vinyl or fabric you used for the design.

Remove the design from the hoop and trim around the outline stitching. When you are trimming around the area with the ribbon, watch carefully and do NOT cut the ribbon. You will have to trim the front and back separately around the ribbon area.

And now you have a hanging ornament instead of an ITH Wreath Design!

If you use our designs in creative ways we would love to see what you are up to! Join our Facebook Group at: and post your creation. You'll find lots of creative and fun people there!

Happy Stitching,


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