FSL (Free Standing Lace)

Stitch these designs onto water soluble stabilizer, soak in water until the stabilizer dissolves and you are left with beautiful lace!

*Also under this category is PFSL - Pseudo Free Standing Lace - this is a design that only parts of are FSL and need additional material to help hold it together.

Check out our FSL Instruction video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0JfNwKWC1o

View all 3D flower 4 leaf clover 4 x 4 4x4 5 x 7 5x7 alpine black Angel arizona blonde Arizona Blonde Tarantula baby baby chick banana banana spider banana tree bananas bat bats beach bee bee happy bee kind beehive bees berries birthday birthday cake blue emperor Brazilian Jewel Tarantula bug bugs Bunny busy bee butt butter fly butterflies butterfly cabin cake candy Candy Corn charm charms chick chicken chocolate chocolate chip Christian Christmas Christmas Angel Christmas Candy christmas cookie Christmas decor Christmas Ornament Christmas Spider Christmas Star Christmas Stocking Christmas Stockings Christmas Tree church cicada cinnamon roll cinnamon rolls clover clovers cock roach cockroach coin cookie cookies Cross cup cake cupcake cupcakes daisies daisy dead decor dolphin dolphins dragon dragon fly dragonfly earring earrings Easter Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Embroidery Design fall farm feather feathers fire leg tarantula flamingo flamingos flip flop flip flop earrings flip flops flipflop flipflops flora floral flower flowers fly four leaf clover free free standing lace FSL FSL 4 leaf clover FSL Angel fsl banana fsl bat fsl bee FSL bunny FSL Bunny Earrings FSL Cabin FSL Candy Corn Earrings FSL Cross FSL Dolphin fsl earrings fsl flamingo FSL Gingerbread FSL Heart FSL Hummingbird FSL Hummingbirds FSL Hut FSL Reindeer Earrings FSL Roach FSL Sand Dollar FSL Sea Star FSL Seahorse FSL Shark FSL Skull FSL spider FSL Spider Earrings FSL Star FSL Star Earrings FSL Starfish FSL tarantula FSL Tarantula Earrings FSL tree gingerbread gingerbread girl Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Men Gingerbreadman Gingerbreadmen gold Green Bottle Blue tarantula halloween happy birthday Happy Halloween heart heart butt spider heart butt tarantula heart vine hearts hissing cockroach hive holly holly leaves honey honey bee honey comb honeybee honeycomb house humming bird hummingbird hummingbirds hut insect insects jack o lantern jackolantern jewelry jonathan kid kids killer whale lace lady bug ladybug ladybugs leaf Let it Snow log cabin lucky luna moth melon Merry Christmas mexican tarantula mistle toe mistletoe monarch monarch butterfly moth North Star ocean orca ornament ornaments paper kite pastry peacock peep peeps peppermint PFSL PFSL earrings picnic pin wheel pinwheel pinwheels plant plants pot of gold pseudo free standing lace pumpkin Pumpkin patch pumpkins rabbit red knee tarantula red leg tarantula reindeer roach saint patricks day sand dollar sand dollar charm sand dollar earrings sanddollar scissor scissors sea sea life sea star seahorse seahorses sew sewing sewing machine sewing room shamrock shamrocks shark sharks skeleton skull snow snow flake Snowflake snowflakes Snowman snowman earrings snowmen spider spider web spider webs spiders spiderweb spiderwebs spooky spring st. patrick's day St. Patricks Day St. Patty standing star star fish starfish stars summer sun flower sunflower sunflowers swallowtail sweet heart sweet hearts sweetheart sweethearts tarantula teeth tiny tooth tree trick or treat trinidad dwarf tarantula valentine Valentine's valentine's day valentines valentines day vine watermelon whale wings writing spider yellow garden spider