Terms & Copyright

Please read and abide by our copyright rules.  
This copyright applies to all purchased and/or free designs on our:
Web site – www.astitchintimedesigns.com
Etsy store – www.astitchintimegifts.com
Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/astitchintimegifts
and Facebook group, Embroidery Room Reality

  • You may sell items with our designs embroidered on them up to 250 items. If you've sold more than 250 of one item, please contact us for licensing fees.
  • If you sell embroidered items using our designs, you must give A Stitch in Time Embroidery Designs credit for the design. If you sell these items on the internet, you must include a link to our web site, www.astitchintimedesigns.com
  • If you resize our designs, we are not responsible for the stitch out.
  • If you change the order of the stitch out to combine colors, we are not responsible for the stitch out.
  • If you change the design in any way, we are not responsible for the stitch out.
  • Our PES files are for PES6 and above. If your machine or software cannot open at least PES6 format, you will need to use a different format.
  • You may convert our designs to other formats for your own personal use. We do not guarantee the stitch out of designs you have converted. If you need a format that is not listed, please email us.
  • You may add lettering to our designs that are sold as “templates”.
  • You may not sell, trade, share or in any way redistribute our design files or written instructions in any manner.
  • Ownership of our design files and instructions belongs to A Stitch in Time Embroidery Designs. You are only purchasing a license to use the designs.
  • You may not edit our designs or any parts of our designs to create a new design for sale, to share, or for your own use. 
  • You may not recreate our design instructions in writing or video without our permission.
  • You may not sell, trade, share or in any way redistribute the slides or information from our online classes in any manner. 
  • You may not use any photos from our site or online classes without written permission.
  • A Stitch in Time Embroidery Designs reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone as they see fit.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.



We sell machine embroidery design files. You need an embroidery machine to use these files. We do not sell the finished items shown.

It is your responsibility to know what size designs your machine can stitch. This information is found in some machine manuals under: Maximum embroidery field or hoop size limit. *Each embroidery machine has a limit on the size of the designs they can stitch out and that limit is NOT the actual size of the hoop. Please know your limit on design size BEFORE purchasing designs from our website. 

Our design dimensions are listed in the description for each design. Please check this information against the hoop size limit for your machine.

It is also your responsibility to make sure the design you want to purchase is available in the format you need for your machine. This information is available on each design listing page.

The files you are purchasing are zipped. The zipped file contains the design files and instructions. We do not provide assistance on how to unzip files and transfer those files to your machine.

Due to the electronic nature of the files we sell, there is no way to "return" designs and therefore we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on our digital files. You agree to this when purchasing our files.