Meet The Digitizers - Jonathan Sigrist

Jonathan is the son of Rhonda Sigrist and "grew up" in her embroidery business. Over the years he has helped with getting orders out, deliveries, etc.

Recently, in September 2019, he tried his hand at digitizing and discovered he liked it and started creating some designs for our website.

Then in February 2020, he attended an online class with John Deer of John Deer's Embroidery Legacy and took his skill set to a whole new level. Some of the designs he has created since are works of art.

He uses Wilcom Hatch to manually digitize all designs.

You can find Jonathan and his "quality control" assistant Mikko, at his desk most afternoons creating beautiful designs to share with you!

You can read more about Jonathan's Story here: Jonathan's Embroidery Digitizing Story

PS – If you would like to see some of his favorite designs, click here