FSL & Mylar Giant Dragonfly - 9.5x14 hoop

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$ 21.99 

 This dragonfly design is digitized and designed for use with iridescent mylar to hold the wing stitches together. This creates a sparkly jewel toned effect that gives the wings the look of realistic dragonfly wings.

The body and tail are free standing lace.

*Before purchasing, please make sure your machine can use a large enough hoop as this design is NOT meant to be resized or edited in any way. Doing so may change the end result of the stitching in a negative way. See the actual design sizes listed below and make sure they can fit your hoop size. (We used a Brother machine and a 9.5" x 14" hoop.)

It is stitched out in 3 separate hoopings and requires hand assembly of the pieces to complete.

When assembled the wingspan is approx. 26" wide and the body length is approx. 17" long

FINISHED SIZE IS THE SAME SIZE AS THE GIANT DRAGONFLY FOR THE 8 x 12 HOOP - this version is stitched out in less hoopings

Design Info: 

Left side wings:   Size:  13.98” tall by 8.6” wide     Stitch Count:  46,273

Right Side Wings:  Size:  13.98” tall by 8.6” wide     Stitch Count:  46,273

Body and Tail:  Size:  13.60” tall by 9.2” wide     Stitch Count:  47,694

DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, VP3, XXX, PES and PES6 formats are included. 

PDF Complete step by step instructions with photos and supply list are included.

Dragonfly can be assembled with hot glue OR hand stitching.

Link to purchase mylar for the wings: https://www.digitizingmadeeasy.com/product/mylar-embroidery-magic-sheets/

or here:


This listing is for the digital machine embroidery design only. Other items shown in photos are examples of projects you can make using the embroidery design.


However, we do host a Facebook group, “Embroidery Room Reality” that is a wonderful source of information from many other embroiderers like yourself.

You need an embroidery machine to use this file. You are not purchasing a finished item.

Please make sure your machine can use one of the formats listed above and can stitch the size file you are purchasing. There are no refunds, returns or exchanges on this digital file.

A note from the creator / digitizer:

This Giant Dragonfly is modeled after an ancient species that wasn’t actually a dragonfly at all but rather belonged to a now extinct order of insects informally known as griffinflies. The particular species I based my design after is Meganeura monyi which had an estimated wingspan ranging from 25.6 to 28 inches and lived around 300 million years ago. For reference the earliest known dinosaur appeared 243 million years ago, making Meganeura and other griffinflies considerably older. I used several different artworks as well as referenced fossils of Meganeura and existing species of dragonflies to make this design and I made it as close as I could to Meganeura’s estimated size. However, there isn’t much information to be found about the real creature so I can’t claim my depiction is all that accurate because no one actually knows exactly what it would’ve looked like. Only what we can learn from poorly preserved fossils. And I also took a few creative liberties to make my design somewhat cuter as an actual dragonfly at that size would probably be kinda creepy. So please consider that it’s not meant to look exactly like a modern dragonfly and you will notice differences if you compare it to the dragonflies that exist today.

 Jonathan Sigrist - creator / digitizer

*This design has been manually created in Wilcom Digitizing Software and has many areas that should not be resized. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the stitch out if it has been altered in any way by resizing, editing, merging OR opening in a software program that may change the settings in the design. Some programs automatically colorsort and make other small changes that could affect the stitch out. We recommend downloading this design straight to your embroidery machine.  We are unable to provide assistance if any changes have been made to the original design or if the included instructions are not followed.

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