Hobby and Craft Embroidery Pricing Guide

I created this simple and quick pricing guide with the members of my Facebook group, Embroidery Room Reality and Embroidery Garden’s group, In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs in mind.  The majority of people in these groups are selling items from their home and need a quick and simple way to price and make a profit.

It is NOT a list of suggested prices, but a guide to show you how to figure out how to price YOUR items and make a profit.

This guide is geared towards hobby and craft embroidery. If you are running a larger embroidery business, this is probably not the pricing guide for you. There are many other expenses and details to consider for larger businesses.

This PDF Pricing Guide is available by INSTANT DOWNLOAD after you check out. Click on the large blue DOWNLOAD button or the link in an automatic email that you will also receive.


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